Handkerchiefs Vintage and New

Handkerchief quilts are my theme this week.  A customer sent me many old hankies to make into a couple of quilts for her.  Coincidentally I ordered some hankies from E Bay but these are knock-offs 'Made in China'. I am making a handkerchief quilt of my own to show at the Foothill Guilds Quilt show in March and have not enough "real" vintage ones so am using these new ones. I have been amazed at the difference between the two! The quality of the cotton in the real ones, the colours are so rich and patterns so varied.

Here the two unfinished quilt tops are I hanging on  my washing line. Can you tell which is the the vintage one?

The vintage quilt is more vibrant and the patterns more varied and this one I made straight so I didn't cut up any of the hankies. The new vintage hankie quilt I made en-pointe for a different look.