Love of Pets New Quilt Class for 2018

I started 2018 by promoting my new 1 Day class "Love of Pets" at NCQC, the Northern California Quilt Council, in Pleasant Hill. I was presenting my class at the All-Star Review or Teach a Technique meeting. This event is arranged for quilt teachers to present a hands-on demonstration of their classes to quilt shop owners and quilt guilds in preparation for making bookings for 2018 and 2019.

Zeke 24" x 27"

Zeke 24" x 27"

 "Love of Pets" is a 1 Day class that allows students to work on creating a one-of-a-kind portrait from a photo of their pet. The finished quilt is about  16" x 20" in size. Students just need to bring along a black and white enlargement of their pet, a color photo about 8" x 11" size, fabrics they wish to use, good scissors, fabric glue and some stabilizer. I will give instructions and demonstrations on how to make fabric collage using my raw edge technique

Zeke in progress.JPG

To choose a great image to recreate in fabric it is best to work with a close-up of the face which can be front or side view or in between. You may need to cut down or crop your photo to remove the dogs body to focus on the face. This is then printed or enlarged to a 8 x 10" size. At your local  copy shop have them enlarge this color photo by 200% and print out in black and white. This is then the pattern for your project.

In this class I will talk about fabric choices, how best to use value and contrast to best effect and also demonstrate free motion quilting to finish the quilt. The class is nice as students don't need to bring a sewing machine and will just be working on completing their collage.

Arthur in progress.JPG

For more details about pricing and my availability look an my teaching and calendar pages here on my website. Its so fun making a quilt that is personal and unique. What better gift could you make to give a spouse or relative. They will appreciate that you have put time, love and your hand into making something so special. 

Emma's pug.JPG