Journey as a Quilt Artist. 45 mins-1 hr

This lecture begins with a short photo tour around the UK and Jane’s early and varied career in the textile field. It covers the trials and tribulations of teaching herself to quilt and how she has gone onto making unique, raw edged appliqué quilts that have been exhibited throughout the USA and been featured in various magazines. Jane will also show many of her T Shirt and memory quilts and talk about the stories behind them.

Living a creative life. 45 mins-1hr

In this lecture Jane will describe how she became the quilt maker she is today influences and techniques that she now uses. She will talk about setting up an Etsy shop and how she uses this for her T-shirt quilt business. Jane will also describe some of the challenging requests she receives from clients and how trying something new brings out her creative spirit. Jane’s goal is to inspire quilters to go out of their comfort zone and just have fun creating.


Raw-edge Collage Appliqué Fish Class 

Learn to make a small art quilt using an easy raw edge collage appliqué technique, fussy cutting and free motion quilting.  This free form technique requires no fusible and is great for using up small scraps of fabric.

 I have a couple of fish patterns that you can use or bring a photo of a fish, flower or reptile and I will help you enlarge it and make the pattern.

 Bring plenty of colorful fabrics, they only need to be small pieces, to match the design you have chosen.  The background and border can have as much detail as you wish but I have kept the sample simple so we can focus on the design.

 There is no wrong and right way to this project its about being creative, getting out of your comfort zone and coming up with an original piece of art.

6hr class contact me for further details 

Materials list for this class (Click)

Triggerfish Quilt

Faces Class 1 or 2 day

In this intermediate class you will learn to enlarge a portrait from a 10 x 8” photo into approx 24” x 24” design. Using various fabrics Jane will guide you in making the ‘face’ using her raw edge appliqué technique.  In this first class you will have the opportunity to work on the applique and then on the 2nd day you will get to begin the free motion quilting on the piece.

Jane will provide a plastic sleeve grid, 8 ½” x 11” and paper to draw the pattern.


Pet Portraits 1-2 day class

In this 1 or 2 day class students will learn to enlarge a photo of a pet to about a 24” size design. Using a variety of fabrics we will trace and fussy cut these fabrics and apply in a raw edge collage appliqué technique. In the 2nd class we will refine the fabrics and design and then start free motion quilting the pet portrait.

A close up of your pets face probably works best. Bring along a color 8 x 10” photo in both color and black and white. I will provide paper for the enlargement.




Tips and Tricks for making T Shirt Quilts

I have been making T Shirt Quilts full time for over 2 years making quilts form around the USA from my Etsy shop.  In that time I have developed ways and techniques for making the most of this style that is now growing ever more popular.

In this class I will share with students the best way to design the quilt with the T Shirts you have to use, every one is different! Share a variety of designs and options and how to combine cotton fabrics with the shirts to help stabilize them.

Although the quilt wont get finished during this class students will get it mapped out, cut and blocks started before continuing on at home.

4-6 hr class contact me for more details.

Painted and Applique Landscape Wall hanging Class

In this class I will guide you through my method of reproducing your 8 x 10” landscape photographs onto fabric. The wallhanging combines a painted background with details added using fabrics and finally free motion quilted. With the addition of a fabric border you produce quite impressive wall art.

Hawaiian Hut. 12" x 15"

Hawaiian Hut. 12" x 15"

To start trace the outlines of the landscape onto paper to use as your pattern. Then trace this onto a white muslin piece of fabric. Using fabric or acrylic paints and plenty of water in a watercolor method paint in the basic colors and details of the photo.

As the fabric dries add more of the details in paint. Now fussy cut, out of coordinating fabrics, small details to add contrast and focus.  Any specific details can then be stitched in when the piece is free motion quilted.

Have fun with this project its not like you are trying to make a photographic reproduction but a watercolor picture in fabric.

Transforming Neckties into Quilts

In this class you will learn how to make quilts using men’s neckties. Jane will teach you how to simply strip down the ties to get the most out of the tie and the fabric. You will learn how to make string pieced blocks and design a simple quilt. You will also learn a couple of other blocks that are great for showing off those old ties.

Neck tie quilt made with about 40 neck ties

Unique family bookcase and Photo quilt.

Learn how to print photos onto fabric, then use them to design and make a unique photo quilt. The bookcase design allows you to adapt the pattern to your own size and style using any number of photos that you have. A basic pattern will be available.

Small Sunflower Wall hanging Class

Choose from one of my sunflower patterns or bring your own to create a raw edge appliqué wall hanging. Using a variety of fabrics including scraps we will fussy cut and trace shapes and then glue then onto the design before free motion quilting. The quilt can either be finished as a 15" hanging using a binding or stretched onto a 12” artist’s canvas.

Pattern and canvas for $5

Chickens Raw edge collage Applique Class

  1. Using one of my patterns for a chicken or rooster I will guide you through the process of making a colorful wall hanging. The choices of fabrics is important here so bring a selection of patterned and textured fabrics can be small pieces or scraps. The background is improve pieced and the chicken laid on top. If time allows and you start to free motion quilt this piece is a great canvas for practising and trying out new patterns.
Chicken and Rooster.  Size 16 x 16"

Chicken and Rooster.  Size 16 x 16"



1hr Lecture $300

6 hr Class up to 20 students $450

Email me for confirmation and details.